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JMB Precision is a company founded by the husband & wife team of Walt and Judy Boettger. The old saying; "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" certainly applies to the first product they developed, "The Stik".

When Walt was a teenager his favorite sport was baseball. He was a pitcher on his high school baseball team and his signature pitch was the screwball. What Walt didn't know, thanks to the screwball, he was on a fast track to "Tennis Elbow".

There were two courses of treatment available at that time, rest, which was not an option, or cortisone shots, he chose the shots. The shots are not very pleasant and while they do eliminate the pain of "Tennis Elbow", they do nothing to cure the source of the problem.

When our son Chip developed "Tennis Elbow" the vision of the "Stiks" was born. They did not want Chip to go through the same thing Walt did so they embarked on a mission to find out the cause of "Tennis Elbow".

There were two factors that became obvious, one was a lack of strength and the other was a lack of elasticity/flexibility throughout the elbow. The question became; how do you go about curing it?

Developing muscle mass was not enough, that caused an even bigger problem because the tendons that are attached to the elbow and the muscle became even more inflamed.

The challenge was developing muscle that had elasticity and took pressure off the tendons. That was the beginning of the "The Stik". Chip used "The Stik" and the "Tennis Elbow" went away never to return.

We then showed the "The Stik" to our family doctor who told us we had developed something very special and suggested we take "The Stik" to the Philadelphia Hand Center; they confirmed what the doctor had said and became our first customer.

We then went to see Otho Davis, the head trainer for the Philadelphia Eagles football team. Otho became a mentor and told us if "The Stik" was going to find a place in the athletic field, it had to be more challenging and that was the start of the weighted "Stiks". We replaced the two plastic knobs on the "The Stik" with two 1.5 pound weights making the "The Stik Pro" and two 2 .5 pound weights making "The Stik Extreme".

Athletes, professionals, college, high school, middle school, the weekend warrior as well as people who just want to keep their arms and hands strong use the "Stiks" to take their game or activity to the next level.

Hospitals and clinics around the world use the "Stiks" for therapy/rehabilitation to treat trauma to the elbows, arms, wrists, hands, fingers and thumbs.

Everyone wants to be successful, and the folks at JMB are no different. However, knowing you have helped people with the products you designed and manufacture is what makes it all worthwhile. That is now, and it will always be our purpose.

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