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Exercise 1

Extension / Flexion
Grasp the black foam hand grips of the STIK, one hand one each hand grip, palms down, and hold the STIK horizontally, with your arms at shoulder height and fully extended. Now rotate one hand forward and the other hand backward. Repeat this movement without removing your hands from the hand grips. Remember, a full rotation forward and a complete rotation backward.

Exercise 2

Pronation / Supination
Hold the STIK at 90 angle to body, with your arms extended down in front of your body,thumbs at the top of each hand grip. Now rotate the hand grips as completely as possible, without bending the elbows. Do not remove your hands from the grips.

Exercise 3

Pronation / Supination / Rotation
Hold the STIK shoulder height, perpendicular to ground. While rotating the grips, as if the middle of the STIK were on an axis, turn the STIK so the top end comes toward your chest and continues down thereby bringing your upper arm down and underneath your bottom arm. When this movement is done your bottom arm should be on top, and your top arm on the bottom. Now reverse your movement and return to the start position. Do your sets, and then reverse your hands so that your bottom hand is on the top grip and your top hand is on the bottom grip. Proceed with your sets. Once again do not remove your hands from the hand grips.

Exercise 4

Finger Rotation
Adjust STIK to low tension setting. Hold the STIK vertically with just your fingers and thumbs, not your palm. Rotate the grips against each other, without using your wrists and without letting go of the grips, and then rotate in the opposite direction.

Exercise 5

Hand Rotation
Adjust STIK to low tension setting. Lay STIK vertically from of you, along finger joints where they join palms. Grip with thumbs extended up off the grip without touching foam. Do not move wrist or forearm as you curl fingers toward palms.

It is very easy to use the "STIK". "THE STIK" operates through adjustable tension on the handgrips. This is accomplished by holding "THE STIK" with the labeled black plastic knob or weight in your right hand. Turning the labeled knob away from you will tighten the movement of the grips; turning in the opposite direction will loosen them. Before beginning your program, it is very important to point out the tension of the grips is not the most important factor, repetition is. Start with a tension that will allow you to use "THE STIK" without any difficulty, this is very important since "THE STIK" builds not only strength but of equal importance, elasticity and flexibility. To get the most benefit from your "STIK" you must make your movement a full rotation forward and backward. IF "THE STIK" IS BEING USED FOR MEDICAL OR REHABILITATION / THERAPY PURPOSES, CONSULT WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN OR THERAPIST BEFORE BEGINNING ANY EXERCISES. TO ACHIEVE MAXIMUM RESULTS DO YOUR PROGRAM EVERY DAY UNLESS INSTRUCTED OTHERWISE BY YOUR DOCTOR OR THERAPIST. WHEN BEGINNING YOUR PROGRAM, START WITH A COMFORTABLE TENSION. OVERTIGHTENING OF "THE STIK" WILL CAUSE SORENESS AND FATIGUE.

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