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Jay Dyer

JMB Precision is extremely proud to announce the addition of Jay Dyer to its staff of certified athletic trainers and strength and conditioning coaches.

Jay believes "The Stiks" are an invaluable tool to be used by athletes of any age or either sex who participate in any sport in which the elbows, arms, wrists, hands, and fingers are used. A few minutes a day will take your game to another level.

Jay also uses "The Stiks" to help people of all ages and either sex who are suffering with Arthritis, tennis/golfers elbow or are in rehabilitation/therapy after breaks, sprains or trauma to the elbows, arms, wrists, hands or fingers.

Jay joins Jim McCrossin, the head trainer and strength and conditioning coach of The Philadelphia Flyers professional ice hockey team. Jim is recognized as one of the premier head trainers and strength and conditioning coaches in all of collegiate and professional sports.

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